Next meeting date announced

After a long hot summer “Leicester Raspberry Pi” are ready for their next meeting.  It will be held at 12.00 on Saturday 26th October at the Phoenix in Leicester.  Sean has decided to try and widen the remit of the group and has renamed the Facebook page “Leicester Digital Makers Group” (

At the next meeting Sean is going to demo his 3D printer and try and get some ideas to work on over the coming months.  It would be great to get a big turnout and share what people have been doing.  See the Eventbrite page for further details (


One thought on “Next meeting date announced

  1. Hi All,
    Not sure how to create a new post here (blogging is not my forte!) but wanted to share a time lapse trip on my narrowboat which was created using my raspberry pi and pi camera housed together in a transparent case and stuck on the front of the boat. To avoid having any accessories, I controlled it wirelessly from my Android phone using the tethering function of my phone and a great app called Android VNC. I took pics at about 1.5 second intervals (can’t seem to get much faster than that…anyone had any joy with that?) and then used Movie Maker to create a movie at 25fps. The result is not brilliant but am happy with it for a first attempt. You can see it here!

    Look forward to seeing you all in October.
    Dave Johnson

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