Digital Makers Meeting – Jan 2014

I spent quite a bit of time at the last meeting getting the ATMEGA328p micro controller on my Gertboard set up. After much head scratching trying to get the Arduino IDE working from my RPi (very slow over a remote connection) we finally had success and I uploaded blink… I will write up some of my findings in the guide section.

Thanks again to Sean for hosting the event.



Digital Makers Event/RaspberryJam October 26th

I have updated the times on the eventbrite page for this month’s Digital Makers/RaspberryJam event at the Phoenix (  I will now go on from 12.00 – 17.00.

Sean is busy preparing the new webpage for the Digital Maker group and will soon be finalizing the details for the event.  At present the preliminary schedule is:

12.00: Introduction from Sean

12.10: Demo your project – This will be an opportunity to meet other people and discussyour ideas, show what you’ve already done, do some brainstorming and generally chit-chat.


13.00: A talk about what is planned for the future of Interact Labs (  More details to follow.


13.00: Carry on discussing your ideas

15.00: Talk and demo of the 3D printer available to the Digital Makers group.

16.00: Tony Goodhew (author of the “USB Arduino Link” articles in MagPi ( will talk and demo his work.

See you on the 26th…

Next meeting date announced

After a long hot summer “Leicester Raspberry Pi” are ready for their next meeting.  It will be held at 12.00 on Saturday 26th October at the Phoenix in Leicester.  Sean has decided to try and widen the remit of the group and has renamed the Facebook page “Leicester Digital Makers Group” (

At the next meeting Sean is going to demo his 3D printer and try and get some ideas to work on over the coming months.  It would be great to get a big turnout and share what people have been doing.  See the Eventbrite page for further details (

Summer Meeting Dates

Sean mentioned to the attendees on Saturday that he would be happy to organise more events over the summer.  Any Suggestions for a meeting date?  My suggestion is 20th of July, 12-4.  Please vote below: