Download WiiMote Physics

The software was written using Microsoft Visual C# .NET and requires that you have the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework installed. For convenience, the installer will detect if you have Microsoft .NET 4.0 and will download and install automatically if required. At its core, the program uses the wiimotelib.dll written by Brian Peek, this controls all of the communication with WiiMotes and Balance Boards.

You should pair your WiiMote before launching the software as it looks for controllers as it starts up. If it crashes on the first attempt, try again as there is sometimes an issue with establising the bluetooth link first time. When loaded it should appear as in the screenshot below for a single WiiMote.


The latest version of the software (v updated on 18/10/10 ) can be found on codeplex and may be downloaded by clicking the logo below.


The software has been thoroughly tested on my own PCs, however, if you run into problems you can either contact me directly using the the form below or via the discussion tab on the project’s codeplex site. I would appreciate feedback if you get it working on your machine, particularly with regard to the make of the Bluetooth hardware that you used.

A useful guide has been produced by Gregor Steele from the SSERC and can be downloaded by clicking this link.